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Sea Foam Hug Mug

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Image of Sea Foam Hug Mug Image of Sea Foam Hug Mug Image of Sea Foam Hug Mug

Hand thrown, trimmed and with 2 firings, the second at 1300 degrees Celsius.

White stoneware clay body with hand collected iron oxide specks from the sands around Bells Beach, Torquay. Finished with a combination of foamy gloss glaze and bare vitrified stoneware.

Approximately 95mm high and 85mm wide. +/- 5mm
Because these are individually handmade and hand finished with organically derived materials, there will be some variation in size, shape and glaze shade and patterning.

They are dishwasher and microwave safe, however because of the corrosive effects of most dishwasher detergents we recommend a quick hand wash to keep your piece looking as beautiful as the day it was fired.