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About My Work

Addis beach bells beach ceramic glaze minerals pottery stoneware

The Victorian surf coast is renowned for its wildness. Huge waves hungrily gnawing at the edges of an ancient land. These waves attract surfers and tourists from all over the world to the famous Bells beach and it's surrounding breaks. 

This is where the story of my Addis glaze begins. The process of erosion from the ocean, wind and rain slowly peels off cliff faces revealing the amazing colours of the clays and minerals laid down over eons of time. On the beaches around Bells Beach and Point Addis, clumps of dark red, iron rich jarosite are strewn like driftwood. 

One of these shed clumps was gathered, hand ground, sifted fine and added to a beautiful soft white shino style glaze, where all it's colourful specks with shades from golden yellow, rich red and deep chocolate are captured within the soft gloss creating a delicious wash of local beauty and connection. 

The majority of my works have the glaze poured on the inside, giving them a lovely glassy finish for food safety. They are then brushed on the outside using a traditional Asian hake brush. The brush strokes left behind complement the tendency of Shino style glazes to vary in colour when fired, from white where it is thicker to deep orange where very thinly applied. This also means that no two pieces are exactly alike.